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MyFax.com offers a free 1 month trial, and upon trying their service, I decided it wasn't very good. The probem is they put in the 4,500+ word terms and conditions that on day 31, they will automatically charge you, and continue to charge you each month until you cancel.

In addition they do not notify you about the payments. I think this is trying to profit from deceiving consumers. It's sneaky and unprofessional.

When I contacted them about the policy, they showed no remorse on the phone or in email. Bottom line - don't use MyFax.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Myfax Free Trial.

Location: Tucker, Georgia

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A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT will entitle us consumers who have all been wrongfully charged by this group to a refund and possible damages for their willful negligence and theft of our funds. Feel free to respond to this post if interested.

MYFAX has never been used for us as immediate request/cancellation was made within one hour of signing up, as we did not need this service.

Our login does not work, however they continue to bill as request for cancellation this action has been made since NOV 2013, it is now May 2014.

Final request with demand for proper action has been placed, however the company still refuses.


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