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Imposible to cancel an account!!!!! So you end up paying you like it or not!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Myfax Free Trial.

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9/9/2019 I searched all of MyFaxCentral's menus for about 15 minutes and did not find wording that made unsubscribing easy. That seems to be the way of the world, if I'm going to use a trial product, they want an opportunity to "sell" me on it before I can unsubscribe---I know that going into a "free" (hidden cost) trial.

Next, I used the "support" service phone number, chose numbers to select options, listened to elevator music, spoke kindly with a rep who presented additional offers, etc.

After another 20 min, I was unsubscribed on same day. The product worked as expected and, if I needed it more than once, I would buy it.

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