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I have been using My Fax for almost a year now and It is great. The faxes are legible and for the most part Successfully Sent.

I love that this company has a lifetime storage too. I forgot my due date for my free 30 day trial so I bounced my checking account. At that point I decided to cancel because I didn't think I needed to pay any longer for fax service.

Instead of just cancelling me, This company offered me a discounted fee and re embursted me for my bank fee. Excellent Service

Product or Service Mentioned: Myfax Fax Service.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Myfax Pros: Price.

Myfax Cons: Cancelling.

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You must work for MyFax. This company is a scam.

Shame on you. MyFax is purely and simply theft. I cannot find any evidence that I signed up, despite my gmail account going back years. I cannot get an answer at the MyFax customer service line.

I am going to have to cancel my bank card and get a new number. I hope everyone who works at MyFax gets shingles.

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