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I am cancelling my service because none of my cover pages were populating with who the recipient was, the client info, notes, nothing. I sent 75 pages, that I became aware of, with blank covers. I had an insurance company say they never received my recert info, a disability company say they never received may info - there was no info on the form who was supposed to get all the paperwork that followed, so it was probably thrown out. They don't have time to play guess the recipient.

I called Myfax and got a guy with heavily accented English reading the same directions I had already read - which was insulting. I told him I had already done all of it. Then he suggested the user web interface. So I am being told that I cannot use a feature they advertise. He gave me the fantastic problem solving solution for their issues - re-fax everything! Super - this puts me over the 100 page limit and would cost me more money, hooray! another bill!, not to include the cost of wasted time with this guy and having to do the work twice. There was no acknowledgement of the problems this has created.

The web interface is clunky and slow, but I used it - guess what - the cover never populated with what I wrote - still blank! Now, I had to quickly find another provider to get this paperwork sent on-time. I found a number of them and Nextiva sounded like the best of the bunch. This took me well over an hour - I wanted to read reviews.

I went to Nextiva and tried a trial with them and this is where I re-faxed the 75+ pages of paperwork. Beautiful! Everything was sent properly and the companies did get the info! So I decided to go with them - 500 pages a month, 4.95 per month!!!

I wanted to port my number - checked to make sure it could be - it was - got the paperwork, filled it out, and started the process. I thought I would let MyFax know I was porting the number - I wanted it to go smoothly. MyFax won't release it. They claim they cannot, but could not tell me why except that it originated there. Their "can't" means "won't."

This is how MyFax treats a customer that had been loyal, paid on time, the whole bit: 1. Don't send the faxes correctly with the cover page pre-populated as the client specified 2. Have all the faxes not get to the person to whom they were sent. 3. Give that client a massive headache re-sending the faxes and wondering why they were not received the first time. 4.Have client make horrible discovery of the blank cover pages. 5.Have client call, speak to a person with barely understandable English and be accused of not reading instructions, though the client had. Frustrate client further by telling them not to use email interface to send fax. Client must use slow, horrible web interface. 6. Client uses web interface - cover page still does not populate. Client takes Ibuprofen for blooming headache. 7. Client now has to spend time researching other fax companies to get the fax sent on time to the right person. 8.Client finds other provider - tries their fax and it works perfectly. 9.Client now re-sends all the faxes discovered without proper cover sheets, wasting more of their time by duplicating paperwork. Faxes are received by the people (Hooray!) 10. Client decides to go with the new company, checks to make sure the number can port, spends time filling out paperwork for the port, spends time forwarding old faxes to new fax account. 11. Since client has ported a home number to another account in the past, client calls Myfax to be friendly and smooth the transition, so there are no delays. 12. MyFax responds by having client wait 30 minutes for help, disappearing without explanation from the on-line chat when hearing the client wants to be port the number and has started the process, only to show up when client repeatedly asks if anybody is there. 13. Disappearing person reappears and quickly transfers client to another person who wastes client's time, make them dance in circles, & finally gives them to another person they claim is porting. 14. New Myfax person is not the porting department and is just another support person who refuses to transfer client to someone that can actually help and hopes the client does not look at FCC rules and regulations. 15.Client hangs up with blood shooting out of their eyes from sheer frustration. Client is dizzy from the circular and vague reasoning of MyFax and the lousy customer service.

Think about this - do you really want this sort of treatment? If you don't, then don't go with MyFax.

I started looking around concerning number porting and My Fax, and found out there are laws that state they cannot deny porting my number. If I am paid up to date (I am), then they must port it. There is also a FCC ruling against "Hoarding." This means they cannot keep toll free numbers to themselves. Read at this link to the FCC: http://www.fcc.gov/guides/toll-free-numbers-and-how-they-work.

(I tried to add it but I saved it in PDF and this site wants a picture.)

How did I figure this out? I told my new fax provider what was happening. I told them of the awful 2 hours spent with MyFax and how they went in circles and refused to help, and how I called Myfax to try and be polite and make things go more smoothly. I knew the paperwork was already sent - I was asking them should I just use the number they assigned to me or keep trying. They responded by telling me they did an "NASC" of my number - this is a regulatory agency and they can grab that number from the other company when the other company refuses to release it, and there is no problem with the first account. I looked this up because I did not know what it was.

It appears the number has ported; my faxes sent to that number are now coming through my new provider, and I cannot sign in to MyFax using that toll free fax number. Since I have not received the email from the new company that the port is complete, I am waiting before cancelling Myfax. Since this appears to be acrimonious on MyFax's part, I want to be 100% certain that everything is completed before cancelling the account. I do not want to give them any excuse to prevent me from keeping my business fax number that I have had for years. I do not need the headache of dealing with numerous companies with different branches and trying to get all of them to change the fax number.

If they had just let me port the number, I would have been very happy, and left as a satisfied customer. Instead, they made things awful and forced another company to do what Myfax should have done. I move mountains for people; it would have been nice if they had moved a molehill for me.

I hope this helps at least one person in making a decision.

Product or Service Mentioned: Myfax Fax Service.

Location: North Charleston, South Carolina

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A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT will entitle us consumers who have all been wrongfully charged by this group to a refund and possible damages for their willful negligence and theft of our funds. Feel free to respond to this post if interested.

MYFAX has never been used for us as immediate request/cancellation was made within one hour of signing up, as we did not need this service.

Our login does not work, however they continue to bill as request for cancellation this action has been made since NOV 2013, it is now May 2014.

Final request with demand for proper action has been placed, however the company still refuses.


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