This is a long story BUT BEFORE YOU DO BUSINESS WITH MYFAX.COM read !!! I lost all my faxes and got charged for THEIR BILLING ERROR

myfax.com canceled my account and deleted all my faxes for $1.50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no kidding (a charge back that I DI NOT INITIATE and they refuse to show me any paperwork) . I have been using myfax.com (with monthly automatic charge) since July 2014. $10.00 per month automatically charged to my business Visa (thru Capital One) on the 20th of each month. Oct. 20th, 2015 an e-mail informs me that the c/c on file was rejected and $8.50 penalty was applied. Within minutes of receiving this notification I went on myfax.com account and updated the credit card information (the last 2 digits showing were not of my c/c or any credit card I have owned). I updated the information with the SAME credit card that myfax.com had on file since I opened the account (back in 2014) The same Visa card was billed on Oct.27 for $18.50 and the charge went thru OK.

I requested (via e-mail) a waiver for the late fee blaming my credit card company for (what I believed) changing my card number. I was granted the $8.50 credit. In November I did not see myfax.com charge on my card. but I received a statement showing that a payment was received. In Dec. I did not see a charge either but I received a statement showing $1.50 balance (10.00 minus the 8.50 credit). Did not see the charge come thru my card and t did not pay attention to it with the Holidays etc. Finally, on Jan. 20th I received first a statement showing $10.00 charge but two days later another notification that my c/c was rejected. I immediately went into my account and somehow myfax.com show a credit card (alt 2 digits) are different - Clearly into my account there is someone else credit card. ONCE AGAIN, I updated my credit card (again the same since 2014) and on Jan. 27th the charges $18.50 ($10.00 regular fee plus $8.50 late fee) are processed my card WITHOUT issues. On the morning of Jan. 29th I received an ACCOUNT CANCELLATION NOTIFICATION e-mail from myfax.com stating that due a charge back my account is now closed. I called customer service (and found out that this Canadian company) asked why they closed my account I was told that myfax.com received a charge back for $1.50 ( the amount myfax.com charged to some else c/c on Dec. 20th) and my account is now closed. I tried to explain that I did not initiate a charge back, customer service rep. ZAHAM doesn't care. The only way I can have my account (and perhaps same fax number back) is to pay in full the $1.50 plus $10.00 new monthly fee as the $10.00 fee paid on the 27th are NOT refundable. I am not sure what is going on at this time but I authorize the charge of $11.50 just to continue with my day. The customer service rep from myfax.com charges the amount on the card on file without problems. After the payment with the customer rep. still on the phone I accessed my account (same fax number) I realized that ALL MY OLD FAXES (in coming / sent/ saved numbers) are erased. The customer rep doesn't care . "You should not have charge back . I asked to speak with a supervisor Nicholas B . who practically is treating me like a "bad girl" because I according to his records initiated a charge back of $1.50 and therefore policy of myfax.com is to cancel and delete all faxes. I keep and repeating him there is no charge of $1.50 on my card in Dec. and I cannot initiate a charge back on a charge I don't have He blames my credit card company , he also states that this can affect my credit score !!! I keep and repeating that my Visa that they used a few minutes earlier works. He insists saying that MY MERCHANT when they ran my credit card changes automatically to another credit card and in Dec. the $1.50 went thru but now it's been charge back. He keeps telling me that cancelling an account and DELETING all FAXES is part of the agreement I signed with them. Myfax.com is not at fault and he refuses to hear any excuse . it's my credit card -Capital One - that is sending myfax.com the bad information. I am very upset that my old faxes are gone and he states that he CAN TRY to see if it's possible to recoup them. 3 days later I still don't have any of my faxes back. After finish the conversation with Jerome B. who can care less of my situation, but actually is annoyed by me and treats me as a deadbeat I called Capital One. The representative callsmyfax.com and speaks directly with Jerome B. She tells him over the course of 45 minutes that my card is fine and I don't own any card ending with these different numbers. She tells him over and over that Capital One has not changed my card since it was issued . Additonally she states that Capital One will not even start a charge-back for $1.50 !!!!!! Jerome B. is not satisfied makes Capital One call the Visa Co. that issued my card. We get info a conference call with who tells him that there NOTHING wrong with my card that my c/c was never replaced with another card. Jerome B. is still insisting that my Capital One is responsible for this mess - If my Visa c/c is sending wrong information when myfax.com charges my credit card why is that google. SiriusXM. skype Intuit have no problem with charging monthly to the same card??? but Jerome doesn't want to hear .The problem is my credit card company and he sent me an e-mail " ask someone smart at the credit card company to initiate an investigation ... everything is clear on our end ." Meanwhile I have requested a copy of this chargeback or copy of these transactions that are associates with a card that is NOT mine but myfax.com connected to my account and I got nothing. myfax.com refuses to investigates and to produce evidence of a charge back. Bottom line an alleged $1.50 charge back (that myfax.xom still cannot show me) myfax.com closed my without warnings caused my faxes to vanish. It is so absurd that myfax.com shuts down an account for $1.50 without giving a client of 1.5 year the opportunity to backup faxes. For a $1.50 ???

Product or Service Mentioned: Myfax Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $19.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Myfax Cons: Customer service -.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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