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I had the same experience as others: Signed up for a free trial, sent one fax and then noticed my account had been charged a fee for membership the next month. Fine - my mistake.

But when I tried to cancel MyFax, we were told we could not cancel via email or online - only by CALLING them at a 1-866-#. Why? Are they hoping people will forget and they can get a few months out of you, before you finally get around to calling?

They finally gave up when our card kept blocking them. I object to companies that don't provide an easy way to unsubscribe or close an account.

Product or Service Mentioned: Myfax Internet Fax Service Free Trial.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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This company is a fraud! I signed up for a 30 day service and then they blocked me from my service and demanded me to provide a furniture card statement with my address on it.

They claim that they think my card was fraudulent and They charged my card the monthly fee to my card anyway . I refuse to send them my statement. This company is a nightmare and they are NOT NUMBER ONE.. I prefer send2fax.

They treat me right. Send2fax is number one to me

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