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No, they refuse to honor the refund they promised

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So I signed up for the myfax monthly service plan that is advertised to give me 50 pages of faxed documents for $5 per month.

In October, they charged me the $5 then $10- 4 times for the service.

After I called them they stated that in reality they charge for some kind of time period(s) that the faxing actually takes so somehow a time period equates to a number of faxed pages so if your faxes take a long time (duration) to send or receive, they charge you more. Supposedly that is in their customer agreement somewhere but they advertise that they offer xx number of pages for xx number of $$.

I told the rep that was not explained to me when I signed up and I have no control over how they send or receive the faxes or the connection to the other party and explained that I don't think its fair that they charged me over and over and in amounts/increments I never agreeed to.

Their rep stated he could give me a one-time courtesy credit/refund of $30 to the payment card I used or to credit the account. I asked for the credit/refund to my payment card.

I called back a few days later when the credit/refund did not show up in my bank (payment card account).

They advised it could take 3-5 business days so I waited a week and emailed back. In the meantime, I contacted another company and switched my fax number to the new company.

When I emailed back to ask about the credit/refund I am being told that they had appplied a $20 (not $30 as agreed) credit to the account but now that I have switched companies the only thing they can do is give me a refund of the unused credit on the account of $10.40.

I feel like they are falsely advertising the fact that you pay $$ for xx pages when they actually are charging you by some kind of time duration that they equate to pages.

Further, I feel like they should refund my payment card as agreed upon but they will not.

I'd like to inform anyone online that they operate in these deceptive and dishonest ways and told them as much too.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Myfax Pros: Easy setup.

Myfax Cons: Poor service, Dishonest business practices, Deceptive advertising, Unreliable fax servcies.

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