don't waste your money, time and sanity (and reputation with clients or colleagues) with these scammers; there are legitimate companies out there that successfully provide this type of service for a comparable price. Myfax is NOT one of them!

Beware because the parent company, j2 Global Inc., owns many competitors and I presume their services are just as non-existent!

Instead of receiving my complete faxes, 99% of the time I receive page one of the fax and this message:

"We're sorry, but your incoming fax may be incomplete. Please call the sender to verify your fax or to request a re-send.

Your fax may be incomplete because one or more of the following has occurred: 1. Fax transmission was interrupted. 2.

"End fax" signal not received.

3. Unable to convert to desired file format.

We apologize for any inconvenience."

Location: New Westminster, British Columbia

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