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In California I am pretty sure they passed a law that if you allow customers to sign up for a service online, you have to also make it possible to cancel online. That being said, MyFax has a page where they claim you can cancel by clicking a link for their online chat (see my attached screenshots).

However, after clicking this link, waiting, telling the person what I needed, and then choosing a reason for cancelling and their request....they tell me that they are support for eFax and that I have a MyFax account so they can't help me. Wtf? They tell me I have to call some hotline to cancel. This is complete BS and a waste of my time.

I told him that was funny since I reached his little chat window by clicking a link on my myfax portal. RIDICULOUS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Myfax Internet Fax Service Free Trial.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Allow me to cancel without calling in!! And change the incorrect info on your website that says I can cancel thru chat..

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I whish I had found this website before I joined them. I've had all the same problems you guys refer to.

Tried to do it online - it flat out refused. Tried to do it via their chatbot - it refused to accept a valid international telephone number.

Tried to do it via email - it autobot replied to me saying to cancel via the website! I think I need to cancel it via my bank!!


MyFax is a complete scam of a company. I had the same problem with getting a hold of someone/anyone who could cancel my account.

I finally decided to tell the customer service agent that I was having trouble paying my bill and wanted to talk to someone who could update my credit card so that I could pay them.

The billing department picked up immediately at which time I told them to cancel my account. This approach worked like a charm :)


I tried to cancel my account and after waiting on hold for 20 minutes finally reached an agent. After I told her that I wanted to cancel my account she told me that she would need to transfer me to the "MyFax department". Then she hung up on me.


MyFax is a SCAM They advertise a free trial, but charge you $10 anyway. And when you try to cancel the recurring membership charge, they simply don't answer the phone.

There is NO automated way to discontinue your service. Your PASSWORDS ARE EMAILED TO YOU IN PLAINTEXT so not only is there NO security, anyone with a modicum of hacking skill can bypass the login and send faxes against your card!!!

Only solution to actually cancel a MyFax account is to call your bank and put a block on MyFax's future charges. Let the bank handle their nonsense.


I had the same problem with these scam artists. After a long email chain and refusing to call their number, I simply blocked any future charges from my bank.


Nope. No such law.

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